PlaXiva CMS - powerfull and scalable content management system

We use powerfull and scalable content management system PlaXiva CMS as «engine» of our projects. Its main features:

  • Admin Area to manage all functional aspects of your site;
  • multilingual support;
  • template based design;
  • WYSIWYG – editor. It serves for site content editing. Shortly we can say that it looks like Microsoft Word;
  • Module based structure which gives scalability. At this point of time the following modules are developed: content, advertise, news, contactus;
  • Site Search;
  • advanced HTML page meta data system;
  • various navigation panels: from ease – serial to PopUp menu;
  • side blocks management;
  • modules install/uninstall;
  • product installation master (multilingual);
  • context help (admin area);
  • summary page (product, server info etc.);
  • Geo Ip - determining country by Web client IP address
  • nice page URLs, which allow your site to be well indexed
  • automatic Google Sitemap generation, just in one click new;
  • traffic zipping. Decreases traffic for client.

Module content:

  • building pages hierarchy(tree). It looks like you create folders with files–pages and URL links inside. Pages are filled using WYSIWYG – editor;
  • images upload. They can be used in other modules, e.g. advertise;
  • files upload. They can be used in other modules, it also gives your users ability to download files from your site.

Module advertise:

  • Adding banners, Flash etc. on the site and placing them to the specified place;
  • Ad rotation – randomly chooses ad from specified set;
  • Counter on each ad.

Module news:

  • Splitting news into categories;
  • RSS. Technology for sharing headlines between sites;
  • WYSIWYG – editor to post news;
  • Latest News block.

Module contactus:

  • Sending users messages to the specified email address;
  • additional fields which users can fill: ICQ, Phone, How did you find us?;
  • Captcha – image to prevent spam from your site.

Module usersnew:

  • users registration process, users management via admin area;
  • users' email verification system;
  • memberships management, access management for each membership;
  • users approval system - registered users will not be able to login until admin activates him. Automatic users activation is available;
  • "Who is Online" block. It displays users logged in on your site at this time;
  • "forgot password" system (completely secure);
  • a lot of module settings for full contol.

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