Создание сайтов, интернет магазинов в Запорожье

We develop websites for clients mainly from the city of zaporozhzhye, but also will be happy to work with other regions of Ukraine and not only Ukraine.


In the field of creation of sites we offer our customers to use content management system, which we created and we know from and to - PlaXiva CMS. The advantages of this approach are:


  • the first is reduce time of project implementation due to the fact that the main core of the website is already implemented, debugged and tested, created basic modules. the Is that something that really allows us to inexpensively provide their services!
  • the second it is convenient for the client, because we provide the opportunity to manage their own website, so the customer is directly involved in the creation of effective and beautiful web site. PlaXiva CMS you will be able unaided to make updates to a project: add or remove images, change text, create new sections and subsections in the menu, and if you want, if you own a graphics editor, and partly to change the design of the website. In this system has enabled contextual online help to assist the person updating the site, but if you wish we can provide training one authorized representative of the customer.
  • the third is winning the trust of customers. The user of the Internet, is once again looking at the web site, will notice that the data are constantly updated, that You submit information is reliable and, as a result, will have confidence in Your organization. Gaining the trust of the client – it is half the battle. The first step has been made! Now Your task – to make the client's regular customers for Your products or services.
  • the fourth is setting our system to the customer as to account for the specifics of the organization and its facilities.

Our customers have appreciated our product, because it opens new horizons for them, and believe that You will definitely be pleased with the result!

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