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How much will my site cost?

he cost and time constraints depend on amount of work needed to complete the site in workmanlike manner and professionally. The amount of work in its turn depends on what services you required:

  • hosting and domain name - we select domain name and hosting for site by client's request;
  • design - creating your site view (we give you several templates, you choose from them);
  • development - essentially programming, making the site dynamic and alive;
  • content writing - selection and writing articles and usefull information, site structuring;
  • promotion - adding site to search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Rambler, Meta ...) and link directories that match the site theme, participation in ratings, site optimization for search bots, creating banners, etc.;
  • support - periodical updating site content, adding new features
What time constraints do you need to finish the work?

Again, it will depend on amount of work. For example:

  • small site (cut-away site, home page): 1 day - 1 week;
  • average site (shopping cart, news site): about 1 month;
  • large site (portal, corporative site): 1 - 2 months
Do you have something like guarantee?

Definitely, we do not abandon You after the project realization. If you have some questions or you decided to change something then do not hesitate and contact us!


What currency do you require and how will I pay for your services?

The currency is any :-). How to pay - as it is convenient for you (in hand, bank or money transfer, ...)


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